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30 March 2020

Activity Details (ID# 15502)  

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Title Participation of journalists and other professionals in meetings/training programmes at regional level 
Description - Croatia and Slovenia 
Status Completed 
Date 16/09/2007 - 20/09/2007 
Location Not applicable, Others
Countries CoE Members: Serbia
  Joint Programme Activity - Media-Serb II
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP Media-Serb II - Support to promote freedom of expression and information and freedom of media in accordance with CoE/EU standards    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2006/DG2/JP/1648   Media-Serb 2 - To support the establishment of a regulatory framework for freedom of expression and for the media
Expected Result 1.2 - R.2 Public authorities are informed and trained on European standards on freedom of expression and information.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Human Rights
Line of Action ⇒ I.3 – Human Rights in public policy
Programme ☆ I.3.4  Freedom of expression and information
Project 2004/DG2/41 Legislative assistance, training, awareness raising
Expected Result 2 Authorities are informed of and trained in CoE standards on freedom of expression and information, the media and information society issues, and exchange information at regional level on the implementation of those standards

Working Method

Visits - Other 
Directorate (Service) DG II Human Rights (Media Division)
CoE Contact DERVISAGIC, Lejla   email
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1 http://www.coe.int/media  
Last Modified 28/01/2008 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 15502) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) Objective of the study visit was to familiarize the Serbian journalists with the working metods in Slovinian and Croatian newspapers. 
Output/Results In general, visit to Croatian and Slovenian newspapers was very useful, both from professional and business side. That is to say, it is obvious that social conditions in general and economic circumstances are quite different from the working environment of Serbian local media. However, it was very interesting and useful to hear more about development aspects for the local media and foremost to learn more about Slovenian experience. 
Conclusions/Follow Up The conclusion is that local media should be mostly oriented to information from local areas without aspiration to deal with global topics because potential readers are more interested in local issues, and local can not compete with national media on those topics.

The fact is that visited media are selling vast of circulation through subscription. In Serbia we have complete different situation so this visit motivated us to initiate and strengthen presented selling practice. For sure, experiences of Slovenian and Croatian local media will be of significant importance for further media transformation in Serbia.
Participants Journalists from Serbia 
CoE Secretariat  
Total No. Participants
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