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31 March 2020

Activity Details (ID# 18918)  

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Title Meeting of State Secretaries of the SISP Beneficiary countries and Experts meeting on Social Security Coordination. 
Description State Secretaries meet in Sarajevo with CoE and EC representatives to discuss the drafting of the Second Ministerial Declaration on Social Security Co-ordination in the Western Balkans Region.

Experts meet in Sarajevo to discuss regional topics on social security co-ordination that could be taken on board in a follow-up programme to the present Social Institutions Support Programme (joint programme) that could potentially be created by the EC and the CoE beginning of 2008. 
Status Completed 
Date 12/04/2007 
Location Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Countries CoE Members: Albania / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Croatia / Montenegro / Serbia / ''the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia''
Others: Kosovo*
  Joint Programme Activity - SEE-SISP1
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP SEE-SISP1 - Social Institutions Support    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 4 - 2004/DG3/JP/1613   SEE-Soc - Programme Management
Expected Result 4.1 - Management
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Social Cohesion
Line of Action ⇒ IV.1 – Ensuring social cohesion
Programme ☆ IV.1.2  European Code of Social Security
Project 2004/DG3/37 Promoting the European Code of Social Security
Expected Result 2 Assistance is provided to current and prospective Contracting Parties enabling them to accept additional obligations under the Code, to improve the quality of national reports, to sign and ratify the Code

Working Method

Organisation of meetings - Small scale meeting 
Directorate (Service) Social Cohesion (Social Security)
CoE Contact MOLINA, Sixto   email
Last Modified 02/05/2007 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 18918) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) High level meeting of Deputy Ministers and/or Secretary of States of the Beneficiary Countries to the Programme to discuss the drafting of a second Ministerial Conference on Social Security to be signed by the relevant Ministers in October 2007 in Tirana (Albania). Take stock of the evolution in social security coordination in those countries and expected commitments for the coming years.

In the afternoon, a meeting of social security experts was held to discuss what are the issues that a follow up programme should include in the benefit of the countries of the region and also in line with CoE and EC requirements on social security coordination. 
Output/Results General discussion to check what has been done by each State since the first Ministerial Declaration last March 2006 and what is expected to be done (real expectations) for the years to come (three years).

In the afternoon session (expert meeting), some areas where clearly identified as potential issues to be covered by a follow up programme. 
Conclusions/Follow Up A draft Declaration was prepared which was discussed. Amendments were introduced. A new version to be circulated within the capital for further discussion and amendments before having a final version ready for the signature of the relevant Ministers.

The EC received a clear indication by the beneficiary states of the topics they would like to have included in the Action Plan of follow up Programme. The Commission has decided that such a programme will be established as from January 2008 but the final list of subjects to be included is still under negotiation at the Commission level. 
Participants ALBANIA

1.- Mr Kastriot SULKA
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

2.- Ms Dajana BERISHA
Head of Department for Foreign relations and projects
Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities


Assistant Minister
Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina

4.- Ms Zehra NOVO - OMANOVIĆ
Assistant Minister
Federal Ministry of LAbour and Social Policy

5.- Dr Šerifa GODINJAK
Head of Department for Health, Social Protection and Pensions
Ministry of Civil Affairs

Adviser to the Minister
Ministry of Civil Affairs

7.- Mr Ljubo LEPIR
Assistant Minister for Social Welfare
Ministry of Health and social Welfare of RS

8.- Ms Mirela ZEČEVIĆ
Expert Assistant for Pension and Invalidity Insurance
Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy


9.- Ms Dorica NIKOLIĆ
State Secretary of Social Welfare
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

10.-Ms Božica ŠARIĆ
Head of the Department for European Integration
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare


11.- Mr Ljubomir PEJAKOVIĆ
Assistant to the Minister
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy

12.- Mr Nenad RAKIĆ
Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy


13.- Mr Duško MINOVSKI
State Secretary
Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

14.- Ms Irena RISTESKA
Head of the Department for Pension and Disability Insurance
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy



15.- Ms Slobodanka KRIVOKAPIĆ
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Welfare

International organisation - UNMIK

16.- Mr Anton HOOKES
Civil Affairs Officer
Central Governance Unit
Office of the Director of Civil Administration
United Nations Interim Administration in Kosovo - UNMIK

Health Care Commissioning Agency
Ministry of Health


18.- Ms Patricia PENNETIER
DG Enlargement
Unit D4 – Western Balkans Programmes

19.- Mr Michael DOCHERTY
Head of Democratisation and Social Development Section
Delegation of the European Commission to Bosnia and Herzegovina

20.- Ms Sanja TICA
Task Manager for Social Policy
Delegation of the European Commission to Bosnia and Herzegovina
CoE Secretariat 21.- Mr Sixto MOLINA
SISP Programme Manager

22.- Ms Tanja KALOVSKA
Local Programme Officer

23.- Ms Tatjana KOSTOVSKA
Regional Network Officer

24.- Ms Jasmina OBARČANIN
SISP Local Programme Officer for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Total No. Participants 24 
Last Modified


  * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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