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28 March 2020

Activity Details (ID# 24583)  

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Title Local Study Visits Among the Prison Staff Training Centres 
Description The activity encompasses a study visit of 16 trainers of the two new prison staff training centres to the three more experienced training centres in Ankara, İstanbul and Erzurum. The target group of the activity is 8 trainers from Kahramanmaraş Prison Staff Training Centre and 8 other trainers from the Denizli Prison Staff Training Centre which is expected to become operational before the end of the Project. 
Status Completed 
Date 05/09/2011 - 09/09/2011 
Location Ankara, Erzurum and İstanbul, Turkey
Countries CoE Members: Turkey
  Joint Programme Activity - Turkey- Pris.reform
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP Turkey- Pris.reform - Dissemination of Model Prison Practices and Promotion of Prison reform in Turkey    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2009/DG I/JP/1790   Dissemination of Model Prison Practices and Promotion of Prison Reform in Turkey
Expected Result 1.3 - Two new Prison Staff Training Centres are operational with same level of professionalism of the other three training centres.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Rule of Law
Line of Action ⇒ II.1 – Ensuring Justice
Programme ☆ II.1.2  Prisons and Police

Working Method

Training Course 
Directorate Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law 
CoE Contact RAKUSIC-HADZIC, Tanja   email
Partners CoE Projects Office - Ankara - Secretariat Field Presence
DG Prisons and Detention Houses of the MoJ - National Institution
Last Modified 22/01/2013 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 24583) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) The objective of the activity is to support the two new prison staff training centres in Kahramanmaraş and Denizli and to help them reach the same level as the three more experienced prison staff training centres in Ankara, Erzurum and İstanbul. 
Output/Results Training needs of the new prison staff training centres are identified and a 5-days training of trainers programme for the two new training centres is developed thanks to effective cooperation between the CoE Consultants and trainers from the Prison Staff Training Centres. 
Conclusions/Follow Up As a result of the study visit, the gaps between the new and older staff training centes in terms of training curricula is identified and a training of trainers programme for the new training centres is developed accordingly. The training of trainers programme will be held in April 2012 in accordance with the training programme developed by the CoE consultants. 
Participants 16 trainers from the prison staff training centres took part in the activity. 
Consultants/Experts Mr John Teasdale, Short Term Consultant, Council of Europe (Expert on Adult Education and Training, Expert on Prison Management Training, Expert on Prison and Probation Services) 
CoE Secretariat Mr Baris Yunculer, Project Manager, Council of Europe
Ms Sukran İleri, Linguistic Assistant, Council of Europe 
Total No. Participants 19 
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