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01 April 2020

Activity Details (ID# 25397)  

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Title Capacity Building and Legislative Support Task Force drafting of sub laws workshop. 
Description Within the framework of the Regional Programme for Cultural and Natural Heritage in South-East Europe (Component A, Institutional Capacity Building Plan), the members of the Legislative Support Task Force carried out the second 2008 workshop on the sub-laws' drafting process. They continued the review of the 3 sub-laws to the Law on Cultural Heritage in Kosovo and also reviewed the legislative and administrative steps required to complete the drafting of the 4 remaining sub-laws. 
Status Completed 
Date 07/04/2008 - 08/04/2008 
Location Paris - [Bureau of the Council of Europe], France
Countries Others: Kosovo*
  Joint Programme Activity - Kosovo-Heritage
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP Kosovo-Heritage - Cultural heritage and inter-community relations in Kosovo    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2008/DG4/JP/1782   Kosovo/Cultural heritage and inter-community relations
Expected Result 1.1 - A proposal provided for a sustainable institutional structure to continue the rehabilitation process under a new and extended mechanism inspired by the RIC.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Culture and intercultural dialogue
Line of Action ⇒ V.3 – Protection and promotion of cultural and natural diversity
Programme ☆ V.3.1  Implementing Council of Europe standards for culture and cultural heritage and cooperation in priority regions (South East Europe, South Caucasus and Black Sea)
Project 2003/DG4/111 Regional programme for cultural and natural heritage in South East Europe
Expected Result 1 Institutional reinforcement (legislative frameworks and professional training) is continued.

Working Method

Expert Meeting / Expertise 
Directorate (Service) Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport (Directorate of Culture and Cultural and Natural Heritage)
CoE Contact CARMICHAEL, Emma   email
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1 http://www.coe.int/regional/  
Last Modified 12/12/2008 

  * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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