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01 April 2020

Activity Details (ID# 28304)  

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Title International Quality Assurance Networks in Higher Education, International Conference 
Description International conference organised by German Rectors Conference to be held in Belgrade on 29 and 30 October

CoE will contribute with one CoE expert, Bastian Baumann

Over the past few years, many groups of quality assurance agencies have formed networks, on the basis of geographical regions or other agency characteristics (see the list below). In an effort to explore networking in quality assurance particularly relevant for European institutions, the conference will examine the most important international networks in external quality assurance. The information about their profiles, objectives and activities as well as interfaces should give an orientation towards the more and more complex interaction of players.
Furthermore, the topics like mutual recognition of accreditation decisions, cooperation in elaborating measures for harmonising activities as well as the integration and active participation of the young accreditation agencies in the European quality assurance net will be discussed.

Status Completed 
Date 29/10/2009 - 30/10/2009 
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Countries CoE Members: Serbia
  Joint Programme Activity - Serbia-Educ
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP Serbia-Educ - Strengthening Higher Education Reforms in Serbia    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2007/DG4/JP/1741   Serbia-Edu - Strengthening Higher Education reforms in Serbia
Expected Result 1.2 - Quality Assurance and Accreditation • Support provided to NCHE and CAQA in their respective tasks based on the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the EHEA • NCHE and CAQA have established working relations with relevant partner institutions abroad.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Culture and intercultural dialogue
Line of Action ⇒ V.1 – Education and linguistic diversity: promoting democratic culture
Programme ☆ V.1.2  European dimension of Higher Education: promoting humanistic values and optimising structures
Project 1994/DG4/104 European Higher Education Area: structural reform and qualifications in higher education
Expected Result 6 Stakeholders and authorities in countries that recently joined the Bologna Process benefit from expert advice and targeted assistance in implementing higher education reforms.

Working Method

Organisation of meetings - Conference 
Directorate (Service) Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport (Directorate of Education - Higher Education and Research Division)
CoE Contact ,   email
Last Modified 08/12/2009 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 28304) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) CAQA in co-operation with German Rectors’ Conference organized a Conference dedicated to the networking in quality assurance - “International QA Networks in HE”, held in Belgrade on 29-30 October 2009. Beside the CoE expert, closely involved in the QA component Mr Bastian Baumann, who took part in the event, Project team also actively participated in the event. 
Output/Results One of the conference topics was the integration and active participation of the young accreditation agencies in the European quality assurance net. In addition to that the most important international networks in external quality assurance were explored as well. That way this Conference provided a fore for the Serbian CAQA to meet and better liaise with other accreditation agencies.

Conclusions/Follow Up Project team will continue supporting and actively participating in relevant events organized by partners and / or stakeholders 
Participants Main stakeholders in external quality assurance
Members of the CAQA
Representatives of the NCHE
Representatives of the MoE

Consultants/Experts Mr Bastian Baumann, Secretary General Magna Charta Observatory

CoE Secretariat Ms Silvija Panovic-Djuric, Project manager 
Total No. Participants
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