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02 April 2020

Activity Details (ID# 28785)  

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Title Preparatory meeting on the organization of Teacher training seminars “Pestalozzi model” 
Status Completed 
Date 23/03/2009 - 24/03/2009 
Location Pristina, Kosovo*
Countries Others: Kosovo*
  Joint Programme Activity - Kosovo-IBP
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP Kosovo-IBP - Education in Kosovo: Inter-culturalism and the Bologna Process*    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2008/DG4/JP/1763   Education in UNMIK/Kosovo : Inter-culturalism and the Bologna Process
Expected Result 1.3 - Teacher training for multiculturalism a. teacher trainers and teachers trained in the key competences for intercultural education and dialogue and mediation and peaceful resolution of conflicts as well as in appropriate methodology of teaching and training b. regional awareness of the fundamental role of intercultural education and appropriate methodology of teaching raised, including exchange of views on the role of education for the future; views on educational initiatives in the areas mentioned above exchanged c. cooperation, exchange of experiences and mutual support between teachers trainers and teachers put into operation
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Culture and intercultural dialogue
Line of Action ⇒ V.1 – Education and linguistic diversity: promoting democratic culture
Programme ☆ V.1.1  Organisation and contents of European education for democratic citizenship and intercultural understanding
Project 2002/DG4/94 Linking policy and practice for democratic citizenship, human rights and intercultural education
Expected Result 3 Sustainable mechanisms, guidelines and methods for increasing the qualification and professionalism of educational staff in EDC/HRE are developed.

Working Method

Organisation of meetings - Small scale meeting 
Directorate (Service) Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport (Directorate of Education & Languages)
CoE Contact ,   email
Web Pages
Documents & links
1 http://www.ibp-kosovo.org  
Last Modified 01/12/2009 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 28785) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) -To present our professional backgrounds and contexts and discuss our expectations for the training;
-To determine the framework and the working procedures we will engage in together;
-To introduce the matter of ICE and intercultural understanding;
-To support team building.
Output/Results •To assure best participation of the teachers to become teacher trainers in Kosovo;
•To promote CoE Pestalozzi programme and secure participation of Kosovo teachers in the seminars;
•To set the National Contact Point for Pestalozzi in Kosovo;
•To make partnerships with local NGOs that can provide sustainable elements to the project.
Conclusions/Follow Up On MEST request, Accreditation Council of Kosovo will nominate relevant participation in the training seminars (participants will represent urban and rural areas, will be geographically and gender representative and will be ready to work in bilingual environment;
Teacher’s Faculty of Mitrovica will provide representatives of teachers who teach in Serbian language;
MEST will appoint National Pestalozzi Contact in Kosovo who will assure participation of Kosovo teachers in Pestalozzi Pan-European trainings (more than 40 per year);
Kosovo Education Centre will provide several teacher trainers who will act as liaison between the local teachers and the CoE experts;
The first seminar will be held in Skopje (neutral ground for all teachers);
MEST may take the Pestalozzi training standards as a model for the development of Teacher accreditation in Kosovo.

Introductory Teacher Training Seminar will be held in Skopje from 26-28 April 2009. 
Participants Radivoje Kulic, Teacher’s faculty in Mitrovica
Blerim Saqipi, Teacher’s accreditation unit
Halim Hyseni, KEC
Kapllan Halimi, MEST
Igbale Cakaj, MEST
Xhafer Ahmeti, MEST/IDEP
CoE Secretariat Josef Huber 
Total No. Participants 10 
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  * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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