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10 December 2019

Activity Details (ID# 32153)  

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Title TALE - Final evaluation meeting 
Description The aim of the evaluation meeting is to bring together individuals as well as stakeholders involved in TALE, with a view to taking stock of the results achieved and of possible follow-up plans.

As stated in the TALE curriculum, the two main objectives of the evaluation of/in TALE are of educational as well as of operational nature:
1. The educational objective of the evaluation  to analyse and contribute to the learning process of all the actors involved (participant-trainers, team and stakeholders). This will happen through the findings, acumen, conclusions and interactions generated by the evaluation.
2. The operational objective of the evaluation  to take stock of achievements, identify the shortcomings and foster the necessary changes and improvements (in the methods, sessions, formats, contents, spaces…) during the implementation of the course.

Additionally the evaluation will or should contribute:
- To consolidate the results which can be disseminated afterwards;
- To reinforce the cooperation between the stakeholders / create synergies among them;
- To the preparation of a strategy to multiply the experiences made.

The final evaluation meeting shall also complete and be complemented by the external and internal evaluation processes, outcomes and conclusions.
Status Planned 
Date 22/02/2011 - 23/02/2011 
Location Brussels, Belgium
Countries Organisations: Council of Europe / European Commission
  Joint Programme Activity - YouthFrame III
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP YouthFrame III - Youth Partnership Framework Programme 2010-2013    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2010/DG4/JP/2320   Youth Partnership Framework Programme 2010-2013
Expected Result 1.1 - European democratic citizenship and human rights promoted with special emphasis on participation, volunteering and equal opportunities.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Democracy
Line of Action ⇒ III.4 – Building a Democratic Culture
Programme ☆ III.4.2  Youth participation and citizenship

Working Method

Directorate (Service) Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport (Directorate of Youth and Sport - Youth)
CoE Contact ,   email
Partners SALTO - Other
European Commission - Other
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1 http://youth-partnership-eu.coe.int/youth-partnership/training/trainingoftrainers.html  
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