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10 December 2019

Activity Details (ID# 32385)  

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Title Partnership Advisory Group 
Description The EU-CoE Youth Partnership Advisory Group meeting is held once a year, assuring the association of stakeholders and partners to Partnership activities and increasing visibility, transparency and synergies. The Advisory Group gathers stakeholders and partners of the joint partnership programme, particularly representatives of the National Agencies of the Youth in Action programme and the SALTO Resource Centres, the Eurodesk network, the statutory bodies of the Council of Europe (CDEJ and Advisory Council), the European Youth Forum, the EuroMed Youth Platform, the League of Arab States, the Anna-Lindh-Foundation, the researchers’ community and others.
Status Completed 
Date 14/10/2011 
Location Brussels, Belgium
Countries Organisations: Council of Europe / European Commission / European Union
Groups: All Council of Europe member states
  Joint Programme Activity - YouthFrame III
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP YouthFrame III - Youth Partnership Framework Programme 2010-2013    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2010/DG4/JP/2320   Youth Partnership Framework Programme 2010-2013
Expected Result 1.4 - A better knowledge on youth issues achieved and a dialogue between policy, research and practice organised, with special emphasis on priority areas of youth.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Democracy
Line of Action ⇒ III.4 – Building a Democratic Culture
Programme ☆ III.4.2  Youth participation and citizenship

Working Method

Expert Meeting / Expertise 
Directorate (Service) Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport (Directorate of Youth and Sport - Youth)
CoE Contact ,   email
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Documents & links
1 http://youth-partnership.net  
Last Modified 16/12/2011 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 32385) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) The EU-CoE Youth Partnership Advisory Group meeting is held once a year, assuring the association of stakeholders and partners to Partnership activities and increasing visibility, transparency and synergies. 
Output/Results Main conclusions were in the area of knowledge-based youth policy that the EU-CoE youth partnership should become more visible and used by stakeholders; it should take a proactive and service oriented approach; the latest research findings could be promoted to policy-makers to inspire them for further policy activities;
On 'support, recognition and development of youth work' it was recommended to provide a comprehensive approach, aiming at sustainability, visibility and 'capitalisation' of results by supporting quality development of and quality assurance in youth work, through training and thematic seminars and by developing qualitative indicators in non-formal learning as well as trainer competences and trainers profiles; it was further proposed to reinforce the strategy for a better social, political and formal recognition, including a geographical approach and to provide quality tools and material (Coyote, new and revised T-Kits...) and platforms for exchange of experts. The geographical focus should run under the two priority pillars of the partnership.

Conclusions/Follow Up On the organisation of the PAG it was proposed to invite stakeholders to submit concrete projects for next years meeting to be shared in PAG in order to provide concrete input and synergies with other activities. It was also recommended to reflect on the role of the PAG and an early communication of plans, especially of planned events
o avoid splitting up into working groups during PAG
o try to avoid organising PAG on Fridays
Participants Advisory Council of Europe: Ms Camelia NISTOR; CDEJ: Ms Seija ASTALA; Network of National Agencies of the Youth in Action Programme: Mr. Tomasz BRATEK; SALTO Training and Cooperation: Mr. Udo TEICHMANN; SALTO Euromed:
Mr. Bernard ABRIGNANI; SALTO South-East Europe: Ms Sonja MITTER; SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre (Poland): Mr. Andriy PAVLOVYCH; European Youth Forum: Ms Sara ULFHIELM; EKCYP Correspondents: Mr. Manfred ZENTNER; PEYR: Mr. Robert THOMSON; Eurodesk: Ms Anja RUHLAND; European Youth Information and Counselling Agency (ERYICA): Mr. Davide CAPECCHI; European Commission: Mr. Finn DENSTAD, Bianca FARAGAU; Council of Europe: Marcos ANDRADE; EU-CoE youth partnership team: Ms Marta MĘDLIŃSKA, Hanjo SCHILD, Philipp BOETZELEN, Srd KISEVIC; 
CoE Secretariat Ms Marta MĘDLIŃSKA, Hanjo SCHILD, Philipp BOETZELEN, Srd KISEVIC, Marcos ANDRADE 
Total No. Participants 19 
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