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05 April 2020

Activity Details (ID# 32451)  

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Title Workshop on offending behaviour programmes 
Description Development of offending behaviour programmes. 
Status Completed 
Date 14/03/2011 - 18/03/2011 
Location Ankara, Turkey
Countries CoE Members: Turkey
  Joint Programme Activity - Turkey- Pris.reform
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP Turkey- Pris.reform - Dissemination of Model Prison Practices and Promotion of Prison reform in Turkey    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2009/DG I/JP/1790   Dissemination of Model Prison Practices and Promotion of Prison Reform in Turkey
Expected Result 1.2 - Rehabilitation and training of prisoners complying with international human rights and prison standards ensured, detention conditions improved
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Rule of Law
Line of Action ⇒ II.1 – Ensuring Justice
Programme ☆ II.1.2  Prisons and Police

Working Method

Training Course 
Directorate Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law 
CoE Contact ,   email
Last Modified 22/01/2013 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 32451) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) To develop new OBPs or update the existing ones as necessary. 
Output/Results The CoE STC introduced the content of the Manual, the principles and methodology behind the programme and the measures to be taken for its successful implementation. The participants found the programme very comprehensive and elaborate. Some participants expressed their doubts as to whether the DGPDH with current capacity would be able to implement this programme successfully. Both the CoE and the DGPDH experts pointed out the need for engagement of more staff in the psycho-social services in the Turkish penitentiary system for the successful implementation of the programme. This programme particularly necessitated individual approach to the inmates rather than a group approach, which in turn necessitated the psycho-social services staff to devote more time to observe and analyse individual behaviour of sex offenders and develop individual treatment programmes for individual cases. The participants suggested further amendments of the Manuals in terms of the scope and the length. The CoE LTC and STC agreed to advise later on the further work that can be done on the programme manuals in terms its scope and length without affecting its purpose. 
Conclusions/Follow Up  
CoE Secretariat  
Total No. Participants 15 
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