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28 March 2020

Activity Details (ID# 32664)  

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Title Needs assesment and co-ordination round table 
Status Completed 
Date 28/04/2011 
Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Countries CoE Members: Georgia
  Joint Programme Activity - SC-MLD-MEDIA II
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP SC-MLD-MEDIA II - Promoting freedom, professionalism and pluralism of the media in the South Caucasus and Moldova    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2011/DG I/JP/2601   Promoting freedom, professionalism and pluralism of the media in the South Caucasus and Moldova
Expected Result 1.1 - The regulatory framework for freedom of expression and for the media is brought closer in line with European standards;
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Democracy
Line of Action ⇒ III.3 – Promoting Democratic Governance and Stability
Programme ☆ III.3.2  Good governance, Internet and Media

Working Method

Organisation of meetings - Round Table 
Directorate Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law 
CoE Contact ,   email
Last Modified 18/02/2013 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 32664) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) The overall objective of the round table was to assess the needs of different stakeholders in their respective fields of activity so as to make the coordination and planning of the future activities easier. Thus, the work plan of the activities to be held in the framework of the Programme will be mostly laid out on the basis of the feedback from the participants of this round table. 
Output/Results The Programme was discussed according to the three modules of which it is composed. This method gave a more accurate assessment of participants’ needs; these latter took part actively in the discussions, expressing their views liberally and clearly.
For certain media representatives it was a good opportunity as they put questions to the representatives of the Georgian National Communications Commission. This was particularly appreciated by heads of regional media associations (Regional Broadcasting Association, Georgian Regional Media Association, Georgian Regional Radio broadcasters Network).
Conclusions/Follow Up The round table as a whole should be considered as successful. Many interesting points were made, more specifically:

1. The following two areas were identified by representatives of two higher education institutions where journalism education is more developed, notably the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs and Ilia University :

The need for support in developing:
. a student handbook on the rights and responsibilities of journalists in the light of ECHR case law, which would be more adapted for journalism students;
. a curriculum for a Bachelor Degree in Journalism aimed at under-graduate students.

2. More specific attention should be paid to journalism trainers and professors working in regions;

3. Specific training activities for active regional journalists would be appreciated as regards their professionalism and ethical standing;

4. It would be useful to start certain discussions on digital TV broadcasting to be introduced starting in 2015, with the involvement particularly of representatives of the Authorities.
Participants Representatives of different NGOs, media associations and media professionals, international organisations 
CoE Secretariat Lejla Dervisagic, Media Division, Directorate General of Human Rights 
Total No. Participants 35 
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