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02 April 2020

Activity Details (ID# 32973)  

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Title First training seminar for media lawyers on Article 10 of the ECHR 
Status Completed 
Date 21/06/2011 - 22/06/2011 
Location Tbilisi, Georgia
Countries CoE Members: Georgia
  Joint Programme Activity - SC-MLD-MEDIA II
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP SC-MLD-MEDIA II - Promoting freedom, professionalism and pluralism of the media in the South Caucasus and Moldova    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2011/DG I/JP/2601   Promoting freedom, professionalism and pluralism of the media in the South Caucasus and Moldova
Expected Result 1.2 - The implementation of the media-related regulatory framework and self-regulation are improved in line with Council of Europe standards;
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Democracy
Line of Action ⇒ III.3 – Promoting Democratic Governance and Stability
Programme ☆ III.3.2  Good governance, Internet and Media

Working Method

Organisation of meetings - Seminar 
Directorate Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law 
CoE Contact ,   email
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1 http://medianews.ge/index.php/ka/content/77675/  
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Activity Synopsis (ID# 32973) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) The overall objective of the seminar was to create an instructive and fruitful ambiance for the meeting between Georgian lawyers and their European colleagues, give them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of interpretation and application of Article 10 of the Convention, so as to prepare them in defending the interests of media professionals.

Furthermore, selecting Georgian Bar Association as a main partner of the seminar was a deliberate choice, as it is the sole body (legal entity of the public law) membership of which is mandatory for practicing lawyers, while in the meantime it lacks of similar expert support even if it has recently joined the International Bar Association (IBA). 
Output/Results The training was quite interactive; on the one hand thanks to the interesting case studies presented by the experts and, on the other hand, the general interest which was shown by participants to the seminar. Furthermore, the quality of the moderators, (Ms. Nino Danelia from Media Club association ad Mr. Giorgi Kldiashvili from the IDFI), who were highly professional, ensured a dynamic working experience throughout the seminar.
Questionnaires filled in after the seminar by the participants showed that they were henceforth even more motivated to apply the case law of the ECHR in respect of Article 10 of the Convention in their future activity. Also, the involvement of the European experts was assessed as very positive as the training gave them the opportunity to hear answers from their European colleagues directly which of course is not common practice for most of them.
One more tangible result was an active involvement of general lawyers from the regions of Imereti (seven participants) and Kakheti (three participants), most of them showing sincere interest in the seminar and actively participating in debates.
Conclusions/Follow Up This seminar can be considered as a step forward towards enhancing greater legal protection for media professionals and might have a “spill over” effect for various reasons:
- It brought to the lawyers’ attention specific aspects in the interpretation and application of Article 10 of the Convention. Judging from the questionnaires that they completed and their discussions with the local project officer many of them expressed the desire to obtain additional materials not only about this specific subject but also about other Articles of the Convention. This represents a “break through” in the attempt to master new approaches to the freedom of expression and information;
- Personal acquaintance with their European colleagues may be useful for some of the participants in the optic that they share their experience or viewpoints with them;
- Participation and very active involvement in debates of lawyers from two different regions of Georgia might have a positive impact on the protection of the rights of regional media professionals;
- Organising the seminar in partnership with the Georgian Bar Association will help enhance the credibility and build capacities of this organisation thus contributing to general accessibility of European expertise and knowledgebase.
Participants Georgian lawyers specialised in protecting rights of media professionals, as well as general lawyers selected in close cooperation with Georgian Bar Association, representatives of 4 NGOs - Georgian Young Lawyers Association, Media Club, Article 42 of the Constitution, Institute for Development of Freedom of Information. 
Consultants/Experts Frederic Gras (lawyer, France) and Albrecht Haller (lawyer, Austria)
CoE Secretariat Lejla Dervisagic, Media Division, Directorate General of Human Rights 
Total No. Participants 50 
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  * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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