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08 April 2020

Activity Details (ID# 33128)  

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Title Training seminars for parents with children with disabilities 
Description Trainings have the purpose to prevent social exclusion of persons with disabilities through informing and support to families, community, local public authorities and promotion of human rights of children with disabilities.

Status Completed 
Date 11/06/2011 - 30/06/2011 
Location Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Countries CoE Members: Republic of Moldova
  Joint Programme Activity - MLD-DemSupport
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP MLD-DemSupport - Democracy Support Programme    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 4 - 2010/DGHL/JP/2447   Support to the Ombudsman institution
Expected Result 4.3 - The specific knowledge of the Ombudsman’s staff as regards the rights of persons with mental disabilities (PwD) in law and practice is increased so that the Ombudsman institution can effectively protect and defend these rights by relevant recommendations to the Moldovan authorities
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Human Rights
Line of Action ⇒ I.2 – Promoting Human Rights
Programme ☆ I.2.3  Capacity building: awareness and training

Working Method

Organisation of meetings - Seminar 
Directorate (Service) Human Rights and Legal Affairs (Cooperation - Legal and Human Rights Capacity Building Department)
CoE Contact ,   email
Partners Centre for Human Rights of Moldova - National Institution
Greek Ombudsman's Office - National Institution
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1 http://coe.md  
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Activity Synopsis (ID# 33128) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) Trainings have the purpose to prevent social exclusion of persons with disabilities through informing and support to families, community, local public authorities and promotion of human rights of children with disabilities.
Output/Results 4 seminars for persons with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, volunteers and social assistants have been organised in cooperation with Humanitas NGO.

The seminars have served as an opportunity for an active dialogue between the participants and the multidisciplinary team of trainers on such topics as combating violations of human rights of people with disabilities, highlighting examples of good practice on training and employment of persons with disabilities; development of education and professional training for young people with multiple disabilities; supporting organisations of parents caring for children with disabilities in strengthening their participation in political decision-making processes; community mobilisation in the fight against poverty and social exclusion; organising seminars and round tables with participation of parents to influence the field of disability policy; implementation of new technologies and training guidance employment of persons with disabilities; improving life chances of people with disabilities and their families etc.

The purposes of training seminars for volunteers and social assistants were to initiate and train a network of specialists to implement, develop and encourage volunteering among young people, teachers and parents, to provide models of good practice in school and community as to real inclusion of children with special educational needs; to create and strengthen the principles and practical qualities necessary in the management of complex rehabilitation of persons with disabilities and managing of partnerships family-child-specialist-community; specialisation of human resources within volunteers and youth NGOs so that they are able to develop and promote internships and action plans on training and information for teachers and families dealing with integration etc 
Conclusions/Follow Up The participants have broadened their knowledge of the national and international legal instruments for the protection of human rights of people with disabilities. As a result of the training seminars a group of 30 volunteers have been trained and will be able to support and promote legal documents and international and national rules promoting human rights for people with disabilities and their families, to develop and implement projects of promotion, information and education on children's rights, to develop education activities that will enable faster and more effective involvement in community life, respecting differences of any nature among of citizens. The conclusions made during the training seminars shall also be used in the development of a Guide on national and international regulations on human rights for disabled persons and their families. 
Participants Persons with disabilities;
Parents of children with disabilities;
Volunteers who deliver services of pedagogical and medico-social recovery for children with multiple disabilities who are in the care of parents;
Social assistants. 
Consultants/Experts Ms. Aimilia Panagou (Greece)
Ms. Fotini Pantelidou (Greece) 
CoE Secretariat Ruslan Grebencea 
Total No. Participants 80 
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