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08 April 2020

Activity Details (ID# 33756)  

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Title Evaluation of the results of the implementation of new court management (pilot courts of Aydın, Manavgat, Mardin, Konya and Rize) 
Description Team of international and local experts will conduct an evaluation mission visit to the courts of Aydın, Manavgat, Mardin, Konya and Rize in order to produce an evaluation report on the results of the implementation of new court management in these pilots 
Status Completed 
Date 14/11/2011 - 18/11/2011 
Location Ankara, Turkey
Countries CoE Members: Turkey
  Joint Programme Activity - Turkey-Court Mngm II
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP Turkey-Court Mngm II - Strengthening the Court Management System in Turkey (Phase II)    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2011/DGHL/JP/2417   Strengthening the court management system in Turkey (Phase 2)
Expected Result 1.1 - A new court management system fine-tuned in line with European standards and best practice, implemented and disseminated in the 20 pilot courts.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Rule of Law
Line of Action ⇒ II.1 – Ensuring Justice
Programme ☆ II.1.1  Independence and efficiency of Justice

Working Method

Needs Assessment 
Directorate (Service) Human Rights and Legal Affairs (Cooperation - Legal and Human Rights Capacity Building Department)
CoE Contact ,   email
Last Modified 24/01/2012 

Activity Synopsis (ID# 33756) (Hide Synopsis)

Objective(s) Aim of this mission was to assess the results of implementation of the new court management system in the five pilot courts targeted by the project “Support to the Court Management System in Turkey” 2007-2009. The pilot courthouses visited were: Aydın, Manavgat, Mardin, Konya and Rize.

The results of this evaluation mission and recommendations prepared by the team of experts was envisaged to feed into development of a new implementation plan and road map for introduction of a new court management system in the new 20 pilot courts selected for the “Strengthening the Court Management System in Turkey Phase II” project. It was envisaged that experts would observe the current situation in the five pilot courts. They would assess the changes that took place in these courts; observe in what manner and how these changes improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial work; and draw recommendations for further implementation of the new management system in twenty new pilots.
Output/Results Experts have prepared the report; the preliminary results and findings of the evaluation mission was shared with the project partners and key stakeholders. 
Conclusions/Follow Up The report will be discussed during the next streering committee meeting in January and it will become the basis of an implementation plan for the new 20 pilot courts targeted by the Phase II. 
Participants Team of international and Turkish experts; beneficiaries - staff of the targeted five courts. 
Consultants/Experts International experts:
Georg Stawa, Wilma H. van Benthem, Lars Dahlstedt, and Marek Antoni Nowicki
Turkish experts:
Levent Boru and Mustafa Serdar Ozbek

Virgilijus Valancijus, Project LTC
Bert Maan, Project STC 
CoE Secretariat Serhan Alemdar, Project Officer
Mehmet Tiryaki, Project Officer 
Total No. Participants 60 
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