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17 February 2020

Activity Details (ID# 40874)  

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Title Training sessions 
Description Two-day training sessions for candidates (15-16 June 2017) and judges (17-18 June 2017) for piloting the Training manual on Women's access to justice in the premises of the Academy of Justice 
Status Planned 
Date 15/06/2017 - 18/06/2017 
Location Yerevan, Armenia
Countries CoE Members: Armenia / Azerbaijan / Georgia / Republic of Moldova / Ukraine
  Joint Programme Activity - PCF-I.3-Equality
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP PCF-I.3-Equality - I.3. Promoting equality and human dignity    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2015/DG II/JP/3225   Improving women's access to justice in 5 EaP countries
Expected Result 1.4 - Professionals involved at the different stages of the justice chain (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, law enforcement) have improved knowledge and skills on gender equality, women’s rights and non-discrimination
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
I – Human Rights
Line of Action ⇒ I.2 – Promoting Human Rights and Dignity
Programme ☆ I.2.2  Equality and diversity - GREVIO

Working Method

Training Course 
Directorate Directorate General of Democracy 
CoE Contact ,   email
Partners Justice Academy of Armenia - National Institution
Last Modified 27/03/2017 

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