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Title West Africa Sub-regional seminars on youth policies and African Youth Charter (at the First African University on Youth and Development) 
Description The Africa-EU Strategic Partnership, framework created by the 2nd EU-Africa Heads of States Summit and the Africa-Europe Youth Summit, recognise youth as a key actor in development in Africa and Europe. The strengthening of youth organisations and youth movements are critical for development in general and in particular in developing youth policies that will allow for sustainable cooperation among African and European youth.

In that line, this programme is being implemented in partnership with key governmental and non- governmental actors in Africa (particularly the Pan African Youth Union) and in Europe (particularly the European Youth Forum) in order to secure a sustainable process for cooperation which will provide important support of various (youth) structures, quality reassurance and funding for Africa-Europe youth work.

As a follow up of the Africa-Europe Youth Summit and answering to the priorities of the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership, this programme will:
- Promote the empowerment of Europe's and Africa's youth
- Strengthen young people’s capacity to disseminate information and to get involved in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Joint Strategy
- Facilitate moments of encounter and exchange between young Africans and Europeans
- mapping the existing African youth networks .
This programme has a longer term perspective that has already started and goes over the year of 2009.

Two Sub-regional seminars on youth policies and African Youth Charter. In 2009 the North-South Centre will organise two out of the five foreseen regional Seminars to be held in each of the five sub-regions of Africa. These activities will respond to the need of increasing training opportunities and capacity building in the field of youth policies and of regional integration, raised as a priority in the various regional consultations the lead to the Africa Europe Youth Summit .

The main objectives are to gather state actors and youth organisations to reflect the development of national and local youth policies; to promote the African Youth Charter, its ratification and implementation; to strength the capacity of state and non-state actors to develop integrated youth policies using co-management principles; to strength regional integration of the youth organisations and networks in the five building blocks of the African Union.

The first of these 5 Subregional Seminars took in the West African Region. The Seminar was held 12th to the 15th of June 2009 in Cape Verde in the frame of the first African University on Youth and Development that the North-South Centre organised with its partners in the Euro African Youth Cooperation.

The First African University on Youth and Development aimed at creating a space for debate and reflection, affirmative youth action and promotion of youth policies, training and non-formal education, as well as intercultural and inter-regional dialogue within the context of Euro-African youth cooperation and the follow-up of the Africa Europe Youth Summit

The University was organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe in partnership with the National Youth Council of Portugal, the Cape Verdian Federation of Youth, the European Youth Forum, the Pan-African Youth Union and the Youth Forum of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries. The event was supported by the European Commission (both trough the Partnership CoE-EU on Youth and the Joint Management Agreement between the North-South Centre and DGAICO), by the Government of Cape Verde and the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP).

All together the University involved approximately 100 youth leaders from Africa, Europe and African Diaspora of Brazil. Over the course of a week, participants learn together to co-develop training activities and political participation of youth in the context of Euro-African cooperation

The programme of the University of African Youth and Development for 2009 included the 6th edition of the Africa-Europe Training Course for youth organisations, implemented by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe under the Youth Partnership Council of Europe and European Union; the Project for Cooperation in the field of training among National Youth Councils - Strengthening partnerships for youth participation through the development of training strategies for Europe - Africa, coordinated by the National Youth Council of Portugal; the West Africa Sub-regional Seminar on youth policies and the African Youth Charter, part of the Joint Management Agreement on Cooperation between the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe and Europe Aid; A National Forum on Youth Participations held by the Cape Verde Federation of Youth; the Coordination Meeting of the Youth Forum of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries - United Nations General Assembly and the First Phase of Political and Cultural Exchange Brazil - Africa, carried by UJIMA.

The main outcomes of the University where:
- A Final declaration by Participants (available on-line)
- The commitment of the Partners and of the Government of Cape Verde to held the Second African University on Youth and Development
-The recommendation to the stakeholders of the Africa Europe Youth Summit to start preparations for a second Africa Europe Youth Summit in connection with the 3rd EU-Africa Summit of heads of State to be held in the second half of 2010 in Syrte.
- The announcement by Cape Verdian authorities that Cape Verde will ratify the African Youth Charter

Status Completed 
Date 12/06/2009 - 15/06/2009 
Location -, Cape Verde
Countries Others: Cape Verde / Others
Contributors Cape Verde - Hosting
Others - Hosting
  Joint Programme Activity - NS Centre - GlobEduc
Joint Programme EC/CoE
JP NS Centre - GlobEduc - Joint Management Agreement for global/development education and raising public awareness in Europe and beyond    (Logframe)  (Activities)
Project Purpose 1 - 2009/DG4/JP/2404   Strengthening global education policies in the new EU member states
Expected Result 1.5 - To provide inter-regional and global training - prioritising young people, women and marginalised/vulnerable groups.
Council of Europe Programme of Activities
Chapter I – Other
Line of Action ⇒ VII.1 – Other Activities
Programme ☆ VII.1.2  Partial Agreement Activities

Working Method

Organisation of meetings - Conference 
Directorate (Service) Education, Culture and Heritage, Youth and Sport (North South Centre - Lisbon)
CoE Contact ANDRADE, Marcos   email
Partners Pan African Youth Union - International NGO
Portuguese National Youth Council - Local or National NGO
National Youth Council Cape Verde - Local or National NGO
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