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PCF-IV.1-Media   IV.1. Improve freedom, independence, pluralism and diversity of media
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Narrative (Work Plan)
01/01/2015 - 31/12/2017
JP Active  
Coordinating DG:
Office of the Director General of Programmes
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    Project Purpose 1      2015/DG I/JP/3264   Freedom of expression and media freedom - Azerbaijan 800 000 
    (2 Activities) Narrative
    Enhance national legislation and media regulation in compliance with European standards to secure freedom of expression and information.
    Sound proposals of reforms to strengthen the legal framework and infrastructures to further secure the safety of journalists in their role to uphold freedom of expression and access to information are considered by authorities.  National legal framework concerning the media and its impact on freedom of expression and access to information

    CoE legal and political documents and monitoring reports

    Partner institutions reports

    Media reports

    CSOs reports

    Political stability

    Government's commitment to human rights, rule of law and multi-stakeholder principle will continue.

    The Government and Parliament take note of and implement CoE recommendations.
    Expected Result 1.1 Higher number of investigations and judicial actions that result in convictions, in cases of physical and legal harassment (including detention) of journalists.
    Comparative analysis reveals an increase of the number of cases in the last 5 years and of more rulings that are in line with European human rights standards.

    Increase of positive results of the work of an independent monitoring mechanism to address court cases where charges are pushed by public officials on grounds of media criticism, public statements, physical attaches, threats and other forms of intimidation of media professionals and to review the existing legal framework to ensure equitable access to justice in such cases

    Progressive case-law highlights the increase of protective measures for journalists.

    Increased number of such cases exposed by the media.

    CoE expert and monitoring reports

    CSOs reports and websites

    Monitoring reports

    Media watchdog reports

    Press releases

    Judicial databases
    Commitment of national authorities in particular, law-enforcement to human rights and the rule of law.

    CSOs engagement in supporting the safety of journalism in its advocacy and actions

    Legal professionals, judges and law-enforcement a committed to improving freedom of expression and the protection of journalists in accordance with European standards

    Expected Result 1.2 In line with ECHR and respective case-law, legislation on defamation (in particular with regard to criminal sanctions for defamation) is removed from the Criminal Code. Civil sanctions for defamation are introduced which are reasonable and proportionate.
    Legal reforms according to CoE standards, including the opinion of the Venice Commission, are considered and adopted.

    Roundtables/seminars are organised for lawyers, judges and prosecutors to build their capacity and will lead to expertise and recommendations on relevant and possible legal reforms at the request of national authorities.

    Conferences with all relevant stakeholders organised which will address freedom of expression and access to information and related required legal measures found on best practices to improve the existing framework in line with coe standards.

    National legal framework concerning defamation and the opinion of the Venice Commission

    Meeting reports

    Coe expert reports

    PACE reports

    Venice Commission reports


    Partner institutions reports
    Government's commitment to human rights and the rule of law will continue.

    The Government and Parliament take note of and implement CoE recommendations.
    Expected Result 1.3 A sustainable independent legal service for the protection of journalists' rights is put in place.
    An inception report on the past role of such structures, with examples of best practices of such mechanisms from other countries and recommendations is prepared and presented to decision-makers.

    National authorities express their support of the re-establishment of this structure according to CoE standards in a roundtable discussion with relevant stakeholders.

    Financial support is identified to ensure sustainability.

    Positive written feedback of authorities on coe recommendations contained in the inception report

    Meeting reports

    CSOs reports

    Partner institutions reports
    National authorities are committed to protecting the safety of journalists from physical and legal harassment and engage in financing civil society working in this area.

    The Government and Parliament take note of and implement CoE recommendations.

    CSO's advocacy in line with CoE standards for the establishment of such service finds support among decision-makers.

    National authorities and CSOs hold a long-term and constructive dialogue.
    Expected Result 1.4 Enhanced policies for broad internet access.
    An expert report is prepared on access to information and includes recommendations to improve broad internet access.

    The expert report and other relevant CoE standards are translated and made and presented in roundtables on freedom of expression and access to information.

    Meeting report

    List of participants

    Expert reports

    Partner institutions reports
    The Government's commitment to human rights, rule of law and multi-stakeholder principle will continue.

    The Government and Parliament take note of and implement CoE recommendations.

      * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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