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NSC - III   iLEGEND : Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue
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Narrative (Work Plan)
26/07/2016 - 25/07/2019
JP Active  
Coordinating DG:
Directorate General of Democracy
1 333 333
    Intervention Logic Performance Indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions
    Overall Objectives The overall objective is to strengthen global/development education in EU Member States and potential Member States, particularly where it is least established by promoting dialogue, networking strategies, capacity-building and exchange of good practices in the field of global/development education.
    The Action will also raise awareness and understanding of global/development education issues and will disseminate best practices and expertise



    Project Purpose 1      2016/DG II/JP/3593   iLEGEND : Intercultural Learning Exchange through Global Education, Networking and Dialogue 1 333 333 
    (11 Activities) Narrative
    SO1-Networking strategies promoting dialogue, cooperation and peer learning among neighbouring stakeholders facilitate policy-making and curriculum development to promote GDE in Europe

    SO2-Stakeholders, educators, young people and youth multipliers gain competences and tools to promote and disseminate principles of GDE to students and youngster

    SO3-Good education practices and methodologies are disseminated through NSC networks thereby equipping educators with relevant tools to increase commitment of students and young people to global interdependence

    SO4-Knowledge and understanding of GDE issues among students, young people and the general public is improved through AR activities
    4 regional networks of Global Educators established for Balkan, Baltic, SE Europe and Mediterranean and Visegrad regions

    500 stakeholders, educators, young people and youth multipliers trained through residential and online courses

    200 GEW coordinators and recipients of training courses use Global Education Guidelines and share practice via online GE resource Centre

    480 activities organised; dissemination of social media campaign among youth activists and organisations
    List of participants in relevant workshops and seminars, cooperation projects developed, etc.

    Joint actions, projects, etc. developed at regional level - Balkan, Baltic, South East Europe & Mediterranean and Visegrad

    References to GDE in policy, plans, and strategies

    Number of tools and practices shared through GE online resource centre
    Continued political commitment, cooperation and funding among European institutions

    Commitment and openness of relevant ministries and CSO partners to strengthen GDE

    Partners and participants share tools and practices

    Continued commitment and engagement of GE coordinators, schools and teachers to organise activities in context of GE week
    Expected Result 1.1 ER1.1 - Regional networks of practitioners and stakeholders are established and developed through preparation, implementation and follow-up of series of Global Education regional seminars

    ER 1.2 - Cooperation and networking among stakeholders leads to improved advocacy to strengthen global/development education

    ER 1.3 - Promotion and dissemination of conclusions and recommendations of 3rd European Congress on Global Education facilitate policy-making and curriculum development

    4 regional networks comprising National Coordinators and other stakeholders are developed.

    Regional GE seminars facilitate cooperation and sharing of good practice and advocacy tools.

    Recommendations of 3rd European Congress on Global Education serve as a basis for actions to strengthen GE in members states as measured through preparation and adoption of 12 national action plan strategies

    Reports of workshops

    Cooperation projects

    Reference to congress Recommendations and Conclusions and Action Plans
    Possible reluctance of some national authorities to cooperate and share practice with neighbouring partners

    Political climate in states may become hostile towards issues of interdependence and global solidarity

    Possible reluctance of some national authorities to policy and curricula development and change
    Expected Result 1.2 ER 2.1 - Capacity-building residential training programmes equip educators, young people and youth multipliers with knowledge, skills and tools to promote principles and practices of GDE

    ER 2.2 - Training programmes and awareness-raising activities on diaspora and migrant populations in Europe promote understanding of issues of interdependence and global citizenship

    ER 2.3 - E-learning courses complement residential courses promoting capacity-building in the human rights, citizenship and intercultural dimensions of GDE

    200+ applications from educators/young people to follow training for trainers on GE

    200+ applications received for each training course and 50+ activities launched in awareness raising campaign to promote understanding of migration/diaspora in a GDE context

    Skills/knowledge acquired, and contacts established through NSC training courses are reflected in 50+ projects/activities each year by beneficiaries

    1000 applications per year for e-learning courses including from those who have completed residential courses

    NSC activity reports

    Number of participants who completed training course and shared tool or lesson plan on NSC GE Resource Centre

    Former participants from TfT join other Pool of Trainers as professional trainers on GDE

    Number of participants who completed training course; impact and reach of awareness-raising activities gauged via social media clicks, downloads and shares

    Skills/knowledge acquired, and contacts established through NSC
    Lack of follow-up action on part of youth multipliers

    Political climate in states may be hostile towards issues related to diaspora and migration

    Lack of follow-up action on part of those who have completed training courses
    Expected Result 1.3 ER 3.1 - Global Education Guidelines revised and updated in line with Sustainable Development Goals incorporating latest trends in global citizenship, intercultural and interfaith dialogue and disseminated among Global Education Networks to stakeholders, educators, young people and youth multipliers

    ER 3.2 - Handbook of good practices in Global Citizenship and Intercultural understanding developed and disseminated to complement Global Education Guidelines

    ER 3.3 - Global Education Online Resource Centre regularly updated and expanded as active database to disseminate good practice, lesson plans, advocacy tools and methodologies

    Revised GEG referenced, shared and disseminated as core pedagogical tool to promote GDE as measured through downloads and distribution of printed copies

    Handbook serves as complementary tool supporting use of GEG in formal and non-formal education as measured through hits and downloads

    Publication, dissemination

    Lack of commitment of some partners to online resource centre

    Expected Result 1.4 ER 4.1 - Synergies and good practice shared at Global Education Week Network Seminars mobilising national coordinators and stakeholders in activities to raise awareness of GDE

    ER 4.2 - Coordinated ''Global Education Week'' awareness-raising activities implemented by schools, youth organisations and local authorities on common GDE theme serve as a vector for disseminating GEG

    ER 4.3 - Students and youth activists develop awareness of and commitment to promoting respect for GDE issues in engagement with the internet and social media

    regular updating and engagement of partners in sharing and developing tools in online resource Centre growing from 50 unloads in the first year

    GEW country report and GEW network seminar reports

    Number of resources and practices uploaded to NSC GE online resource centre
    Commitment and engagement of schools and educators to organise activities related to GEW theme

    Commitment and influence of youth multipliers to promote responsible social media engagement

      * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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