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PCF-IV.1-Media   IV.1. Improve freedom, independence, pluralism and diversity of media
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Narrative (Work Plan)
01/01/2015 - 31/12/2017
JP Active  
Coordinating DG:
Office of the Director General of Programmes
1 805 943
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    Project Purpose 0      2016/DG I/JP/3685   Freedom of Media in Ukraine 176 943 
    (1 Activity) Narrative
    IV.1. Improve freedom, independence, pluralism and diversity of media
    Expected Result 0.1 The capacity of media professionals to implement the new law on Audio-visual Media Services, has increased, new by-laws have been developed;
    Capacity of 30 media professionals from major TV and Radio companies of Ukraine is strengthened on implementation of the law on Audio-visual Media Services. Legal expertise relevant by-laws is provided upon request;

    Expected Result 0.2 The capacity of the regulator, the National TV and Radio Council of Ukraine, to implement the laws on the transparency of media ownership, digital switchover, implementation of sanctions to broadcasters, transition from licensing to permissions system, oversight of the public broadcasted, has been increased. The web-site of the regulator has been modernised in accordance with Council of Europe expert recommendations and performs new functions for transparency of media ownership is modernised;
    The staff of the National TV and Radio Council of Ukraine improves their capacity to deal effectively with implementation of new legislation, digital switchover and oversight of the public broadcaster. The new web-site of the regulator is developed and meets best European examples in the area of transparency of media ownership;

    Expected Result 0.3 More community media outlets have been established outside Kyiv/in the regions, including in areas where ethnic minorities live, MPs’ and authorities’ awareness of media policy on community basis has been increased, the legislation in this area was improved;
    Through the public discussion in the Parliament, the MPs and authorities have increased knowledge on the role of community media at the background of the decentralisation reform in Ukraine; More than 100 regional journalists are trained on the features of the work of community media, including protection of minorities rights, through up to six trainings in the region;

    Expected Result 0.4 Public awareness about the role and importance of the public service broadcaster has been increased.
    Big group of young people have better understanding of the role of the public service broadcaster thanks to the awareness raising campaign.


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