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SocialSecCoord   Regional Programme for Social Security Co-ordination and Social Security Reforms in South-East Europe
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Narrative (Work Plan)
01/03/2008 - 31/08/2011
JP Completed  
Coordinating DG:
Social Cohesion
2 196 122
    Intervention Logic Performance Indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions
    Overall Objectives To further enhance the co-ordination of the social security systems and to facilitate institutional, legislative and administrative reforms in the field of social protection according to EU standards.
    -Improved regional co-operation in the social sector by creating national and cross boarder platforms;
    -Reforms undertaken in the social sector, notably based on the result of speaking days and studies, legal analysis and compatibility exercises provided by the programme;
    -Signature of bilateral or multilateral agreements
    - Adoption of new legislation compatible with EU regulation and standards

    -Evaluation forms;
    -Minutes of Steering Committee meetings;
    -Minutes of Ministerial meetings;
    -Progress reports;
    -Monitoring exercises from independent experts;
    -Minutes from other programme activities and meetings
    - Number and type of individual complaints examined under speaking days
    - Effective number of proposal of legislative amendments.

    -Political stability, notably in Kosovo;
    -Willingness of governments to undertake reforms;
    -Willingness of governments to engage in regional cooperation;
    -Sustainability of the financial sector;
    -Co-operation between donors, stakeholders and third party institutions (such as university, pension funds etc).
    Project Purpose 3      2008/DG3/JP/1773   Reform of the Social Sector 470 000 
    To support cooperation on the reform and viability of the social sector by coordinating and monitoring social policies. - Develop and approve plans for strategic reform in the social protection system;
    - Improve legislative framework.
    - Evaluation reforms;
    - Adoption of new legislation of reforms of those existing;
    - Signature of bilateral or multilateral agreements in the social security coordination field.
    -Governments commitments to engage in reform process;
    -Willingness of authorities to support the development of the legislative framework;
    -Political stability;
    -Financial stability;
    Expected Result 3.1
    (5 Activities) Narrative
    Support the development of the legislative framework for implementing social security policies.

    - Improve legislative framework.

    Drafts of blueprints, legislative initiatives.
    - Political stability
    - To some extend, financial stability;
    - Willingness of authorities to support the development of the legislative framework.

      * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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