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RUS-MINORITIES   Minorities in Russia: Developing Culture, Language, Media and Civil Society
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Narrative (Work Plan)
17/02/2009 - 16/02/2012
JP Completed  
Coordinating DG:
Directorate of Strategic Planning
2 750 000
    Intervention Logic Performance Indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions
    Overall Objectives Promote the rights of Russia’s ethnic and national minorities and better recognition of their specific integrity. Enhance the legal framework (notably to support the ratification of the ECRML) and provide assistance related to the promotion and development of the native cultures, languages, media and civil society of the national minorities.


    Project Purpose 1      2009/DG4/JP/2266   Minorities in Russia: Developing Languages, Culture, Media and Civil Society (purpose n°1) 2 750 000 
    Provide assistance to different public authorities that would be involved in the future ratification and implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML), and increase awareness of the ECRML, including among civil society Meetings of Working Group and (at least 6 meetings of the Steering Committee; twice per year) are organised

    Study on regional and minority languages in the Russian Federation is finalised.

    Three simulations of the implementation of the Charter in selected regions of the Russian Federation are prepared by the joint team of experts.

    Study on principles and content of the Russian ratification instrument drafted and approved by the Working Group.

    Meeting reports of the Steering Committee and the Working Groups, research and reports on the outcome of the simulation, study on ratification instruments.  Political will of federal and regional authorities of the Russian Federation.

    Effective cooperation with the Working Group of experts established within the framework of the project.

    Expected Result 1.3
    (17 Activities) Narrative
    3. Proposals concerning the principles and content of the Russian Federation’s ratification instrument concerning the ECRML (by Joint Working Group); contribution to drafting the ratification instrument

    Study (on the basis of results of activity 1.2.1) is produced by Council of Europe experts, in cooperation with Russian experts.

    Text of the simulation reports drafted, discussed by the Working Group, its meeting reports finalised.
    Availability of competent experts, above mentioned report on regional or minority languages in the Russian Federation is finalised, good cooperation between Russian and Council of Europe experts, political will of the federal authorities.

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