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Joint Programmes - Logframes and Activities

(Joint Programmes)
ECR 2011 -2012   Joint Programme 2011-2012 on European Cultural Routes

Narrative (Work Plan)
12/08/2011 - 11/05/2013
JP Completed  
Coordinating DG:
Directorate General of Democracy
340 260
    Intervention Logic Performance Indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions
    Overall Objectives
    (26 Activities) Narrative



    Project Purpose 1      2011/DG II/JP/2684   European Commission - Council of Europe Joint Program on Cultural Routes 340 260 
    Encourage further development of Cultural Routes networks, governance, capacity and action in the field of tourism Network governance structure and operation clarified; relations between network members reinforced; a trainign course for destination management developed; evaluation critaria and data sources agreed  Meeting reports, training documentation, web and other branding tools, expert reports  Capacity of the routes leaders to mobilise the networks across borders 
    Expected Result 1.1 Strengthen the capacity of the networks managing the cultural routes
    Clear network governance structructure, resourse strategy and action plan

    Network meetings and documentation
    Expected Result 1.2 Establish a sound performance evaluation system and enable Cultural Routes to apply it
    Criteria and data sources allowing cultural routes to assess their impact in social and economic terms

    Evaluation criteria/data sources and implementation reports
    Expected Result 1.3 Reinforce the brand of Cultural Routes
    analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and s plan to increase its visibility

    Marketing study, brand promotion handbook; web portal, promotion strategy
    Expected Result 1.4 Increase route's capacity for destination management
    Increased professional capacity of routes to compete on the tourism market and involve higher numbers of people in their activities

    training centre network, training curriculum, report from a pilot trainign course

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