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(Joint Programmes)
BiH-Prisons   Harmonisation of BiH sanctions policies and practices with European Standards

Narrative (Work Plan)
01/01/2013 - 30/06/2016
JP Completed  
Coordinating DG:
Directorate General of Human Rights and Rule of Law
1 320 000
    Intervention Logic Performance Indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions
    Overall Objectives
    (50 Activities) Narrative
    1. To support BiH authorities in ensuring full compliance with European standards in the areas where it is necessary to achieve progress in order to advance BiH further towards its stabilisation and European integration;
    2. To continue and reinforce the political dialogue with BiH authorities at state and entity level;
    3. To continue to promote compliance with the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers, the European Prison Rules, the CPT standards and European Court for Human Rights (ECtHR) judgements



    Project Purpose 1      2013/DG I/JP/2848   Harmonisation of BiH sanctions policies and practices with European standards 0 
    To assist BiH policy makers in the harmonisation of its legislative framework on execution of criminal sanctions, implementation of community sanctions, staff training and treatment of vulnerable prisoners in accordance with European standards across Entity, Brcko District and State jurisdictions. Regulations on community sanctions, AP for the introduction of probation service(s), training and treatment programmes developed in accordance with European standards.
    The local sense of ownership reinforced by including local authorities and practitioners in project activities.
    EU Progress report
    BiH Justice Sector Reform Strategy implementation reports
    CPT regular and ad hoc reports
    The JP’s Steering Committee reports
    The political situation in BiH is of such complexity and sensitivity that it has to be recognised that introduction of all the proposed changes and reforms will be incremental to this complexity.
    Local stakeholders who are trying to work towards harmonisation of institutions and practices, thereby also on the adherence to European standards need to continue to feel that they have consistent support from the EU and CoE. This support is inherent to the acceptance of this project proposal.
    Expected Result 1.1 1. Laws and bylaws harmonised with CoE recommendations on the use of community sanctions (community service, conditional release and suspended sentence) proposed.
    1. Number of laws and by-laws drafted and presented to the national authorities

    1. Experts' meeting reports
    2. Round table reports
    Expected Result 1.2 2. Options assessment paper and concept paper for the introduction of a BiH probation service(s) prepared and presented to the national authorities with a view to its swift consideration, adoption and implementation.
    2. Options assessment paper and concept paper for establishing BiH probation service(s) completed.

    2. Changes in the implementation of the relevant JSRS strategic programmes reported.
    Expected Result 1.3 3. Sustainable professional training and education programme to international standards for all criminal justice staff prepared.
    3. Professional training programme prepared and minimum 300 staff trained.

    3. EU Progress reports
    CPT reports
    Expected Result 1.4 4. Programme for treatment of specific categories of prison population developed.
    4. Plan for treatment of specific categories (minors serving sentence, persons under security i.e. obligatory treatment, elderly population in prisons and persons with disability) completed.

    4. EU Progress reports
    CPT reports
    Expected Result 1.5 .


      * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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