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(Joint Programmes)
Albania HR&AD   Enhancing the effectiveness of the Albanian system of human rights protection (HR) and anti-discrimination (AD)

Narrative (Work Plan)
01/12/2015 - 31/05/2018
JP Active  
Coordinating DG:
Directorate General of Democracy
1 650 000
    Intervention Logic Performance Indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions
    Overall Objectives
    (36 Activities) Narrative
    Build the institutional capacities and coordination of the AD bodies with regards to effective management of cases and to encourage potential victims to come forward.
    Increase the general awareness of the anti-discrimination legislation and the complaints mechanism.
    Improve HR and AD institution’s capacities and standards in data processing, monitoring and reporting with regards to discrimination cases (in compliance with international standards).



    Project Purpose 0      2015/DG I/JP/2969   Enhancing the effectiveness of the Albanian system of human rights protection and anti-discrimination 1 650 000 
    Contribute to the respect of human rights and fight against discrimination, and further, to contribute to overall social development in Albania. .Higher level of public confidence in AD and HR institutions vis-ŕ-vis protection against discrimination;
    Progress in Albania’s compliance with European anti-discrimination standards recorded in comparison with the initial phase.
    .Surveys, feedback from the institutions, NGOs;
    Reports by international organisation and local NGOs monitoring discrimination in Albania.
    .Continued commitment of Albania to improving its AD protection system. 
    Expected Result 0.1 Strengthened administrative/professional capacities, efficiency and coordination of the main human rights protection and anti-discrimination bodies to effectively implement and monitor anti-discrimination law and policies.
    - 5 staff members (SM) of Ombudsperson (Op) and CPD trained in areas determined by experts + WG
    2/Streamlined procedures for case-handling adopted
    -Information exchange of CPD with NGO community established + institutionalized
    -A special training module prepared + at least 3 CPD SM trained on monitoring + reporting on discrimination
    -One more training developed on formulating national strategies + action plans on combatting discrimination
    -4 other capacity-building trainings developed for CPD and Op’s staff
    -CPD’s electronic database and case-management system improved
    -A CPD’s plan of preventive measures + at least 3 measures foreseen implemented
    -3 pilot CPD desks with staff traine

    Training reports and post-training evaluation sheets; Lists of trainees who attended the training;
    Texts of streamlined written procedures;
    Meeting minutes;
    The technical documentation (ToR, user manual) for the improved electronic database and case-management system;
    The text of the plan of preventive measures;
    Reports about establishment and functioning of pilot desks.
    Willingness of CPD to streamline its procedures and availability of resources within CPD to maintain streamlined procedures;
    CPD’s electronic database and case-management system require the amount of improvement that can be addressed by the Project and do not need to be made from scratch;

    Availability of resources and willingness within the CPD to maintain the desks in municipalities beyond the Project’s duration
    Expected Result 0.2 Improved human rights and anti-discrimination legal framework and policies.
    -An analysis of the Albanian HR and AD system ready
    -Institutional, inter-institutional policies and procedures drafted and 9 staff members from the Ombudsperson’s office, CPD and the Ministry trained
    -A joint co-ordination body is established among the Albanian AD and HR institutions and starts functioning
    -3 joint actions by the Op and the CPD
    -10 representatives of the Op, CPD, the Ministry of Welfare and Youth, NGOs gain experience about best practices of coordinating between AD and HR bodies

    The expert report;
    The recommendations developed by experts and agreed by the Albanian counterparts;
    Texts of new policies, procedures;
    Training reports and post-training evaluation sheets;
    Lists of trainees who attended the training;
    A document attesting to the establishment and functioning of the joint-coordination body among the Albanian HR and AD bodies (minutes of meetings, a memorandum or another form of agreement between the institutions);
    Case reports showing joint activity by the Ombudsperson and CPD or materials of joint awareness activities;
    Study trip reports
    Willingness of the Ombudsperson, CPD and other relevant institutions to cooperate effectively

    Preparedness of Albanian institutions to develop new/change policies and procedures;

    Availability of staff to be trained in the relevant institutions;

    Preparedness of Albanian institutions to embrace the recommendations of Project’s experts;
    Expected Result 0.3 Increased awareness of general public and specific target groups on the key aspects of anti-discrimination policy.
    -Recommendations of expert on shortcomings in the CPD’s capacity to carry out its communication strategy (CS) ready
    -2 of CPD’s staff trained on CS
    -5 training programmes developed for 5 different groups of trainees on implementation of AD law
    -3 of CPD’s SM trained as trainers on implementation of AD law
    -5 pilot training seminars on implementation of AD law
    -4 press events organized with CPD + Op
    -A publicity plan for Op + CPD developed
    -4 video-stories made about cases where CPD and/or the Op successfully helped
    -8 public meetings organized of the Op and CPD
    -Nation-wide survey to determine the level of public awareness about discrimination > campaign to address the issue > 5%

    Texts of expert recommendations;
    Training reports and post-training evaluation sheets;
    Lists of trainees who attended the training; Training materials;
    Texts of training programmes;
    Meeting minutes; Video of public meetings;
    Publicity plan
    Video of public meetings;
    Awareness survey results;
    Awareness materials (print, video, electronic, etc.); results of a post campaign survey.
    Willingness of the Ombudsperson’s office and CPD to work together on awareness about discrimination;

    Willingness of media to cover discrimination-related issues.

      * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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