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(Joint Programmes)
MOLICO-Moldova II   Programme against corruption,money laundering and terrorist financing in Moldova

Narrative (Work Plan)
01/08/2006 - 31/07/2009
JP Completed  
Coordinating DG:
DG I Legal Affairs
3 500 000
    Intervention Logic Performance Indicators Sources of Verification Assumptions
    Overall Objectives
    (143 Activities) Narrative
    To develop effective measures to combat crime, in particular economic crime and ensure their proper implementation; to ensure the protection of human dignity in situations of detention, to develop restorative justice and to address the issue of prevention of crime.



    Project Purpose 1      2006/DG1/JP/1670   MOLICO Project against corruption and money laundering in Moldova 3 500 000 
    To contribute to the prevention and control of corruption, money laundering and the financing of terrorism - Measurable improvements in the perception of and attitude towards corruption in the general public and of trust in public institutions, including the criminal justice and law enforcement bodies
    - Effectiveness of the overall anti-money laundering system.
    Number of AML/CTF cases in courts increases

    Expected Result 1.1 Efficient monitoring, coordination and management of the anti-corruption strategy ensured and annual action plans available
    - By month 36, 2 action plans and 3 annual anti-corruption conferences
    - By month 36, annual surveys on the corruption perception and attitudes
    - By month 3, anti-corruption strategy website by the Secretariat of the Monitoring Group

    - Project reports,
    - GRECO reports,
    - Monitoring group progress reports,
    - Reports on the annual conferences
    - Continued commitment by the President, Parliament and Government of Moldova to adopt and support the implementation of the anti-corruption strategy and action plans.
    Expected Result 1.2 egislation improved to effectively prevent and control corruption as foreseen in the anti-corruption strategy and action plans and in accordance with GRECO recommendations and European and United Nations standards
    - Number of investigations, prosecutions and convictions for corruption-related offences
    - Number of law enforcement and criminal justice staff trained

    - Annual reports by CCCEC, prosecution, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Justice on corruption cases
    - Project reports
    - GRECO reports
    Training activities will be supervised by senior project assistant , Council of Europe, staff member.
    Expected Result 1.3 Capacity of anti-corruption prosecutors strengthened to prosecute, supervise and manage corruption-related offences
    - By month 8, the Service for analysis and prognosis and for prevention are established and operating
    - Number of studies carried out by the CCCEC per year

    CCCEC reports, monitoring group reports, GRECO reports, Parliament web-site, Monitoring group reports, TI reports
    Cooperation with CCCEC and other law enforcement institutions
    Expected Result 1.4 Prevention plans implemented and internal controls reinforced within the judiciary, prosecution, police, CCCEC and other bodies at risk
    - By month 12, reports on risks of corruption as well as prevention plans in the Ministry of Interior, Prosecution, judiciary, the tax inspection, customs and health and education institutions
    - By month 15, analytical report and recommendations for improvement of the systems of internal control, audits and reporting corruption in the Ministry of Interior, Prosecution (and the National Service of Investigations)

    - Project reports,
    - GRECO reports,
    - Monitoring Group reports, Documents and web-sites of the Ministry of Interior, Prosecution and CCCEC,
    - Evaluation forms by participants in training and other activi
    - Prevention measures are backed up by political support of the leadership of the respective institutions
    Expected Result 1.5 Corruption and conflicts of interest in the political process reduced

    - Level of declaration of assets by elected office holders
    - Level of implementation of regulations on conflicts of interest
    - Level of implementation of recommendations on the systems of immunities

    - Activity reports,
    - Monitoring Group reports GRECO reports,
    - Documents of Ministry of Justice, Central Electoral Commission and Parliament, media
    - Violations of regulations entail appropriate sanctions and consequences
    Expected Result 1.6 Competencies, status and organisational set-up of the FIU in line with Moneyval recommendations and international best practices
    - Moldovan FIU member of Egmont Group
    - Level of implementation of relevant Moneyval recommendations
    - Trainers of the FIU trained and able to provide further training
    - Level of skills of FIU staff

    - Experts assessment reports Project reports
    - Moneyval reports
    - Egmont group reports
    - Assessment reports on training activities

    - The political will to implement Moneyval recommendation and meet international standards will continue to exist
    - FIU is recognised as the core institution of the anti-money laundering system
    Expected Result 1.7 System of collection, processing, analysis, protection and exchange of information on transactions designed and procured for the FIU
    - Equipment and software purchased, installed and in operation
    - Number of suspicious transaction reports received, analysed and processed

    - Project reports
    - FIU reports
    - Output 6 will be implemented efficiently thus ensuring that a proper use would be made of the equipment. In particular data security

      * All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.  
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